Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Other People Respond

OK. So here's a round-up of responses to Obama's speech from Sullivan. Conservatives are well-represented and I guess important to read. The one that really makes my head explode is Russell Roberts who describes those making less than $250K as "getting all the goodies" while those making more, and especially the top one percent, paying for it all. And you know what I say? I say, Puh-Lease. Those guys in the top one percent: Do they drive their cars over bridges, through tunnels and on highways? Do they travel on American passports? Do they live on the power grid? Do they like the safety and security of their food chain and pharmaceutical drug systems? Do they remember what happened during the 1995 government shut down led by Newt Gingrich & Co.? I mean, people couldn't see the Vermeer exhibit at the National Galleries! All this to say that people in the top one percent tax bracket get plenty of goodies, and, really, I don't believe for a second that most of those at the top, at the tippy top of that bracket pay all that much, proportionally speaking, in taxes.

Goodies my A%$@#*&. It's time for rich people to pay some taxes and pay attention to the common good.

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