Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Then There's Mark Halperin

After this, I'm not going to write about last night's speech anymore. But I did like this list, thanks to my husband David for telling me about it.


mamele said...

that was good. thanks for sharing it.

did you see the raft of posts comparing bobby jindal to kenneth the page on 30 rock? funny. gawker has a compilation of them.

the republicans have no idea how to respond publicly to obama. they're trotting out the same tired tropes -- with obama's stratospheric approval ratings, and the particularly deadly-to-the-opposition combo of trust in the president AND belief that we are in a scary place and bad times are ahead, they need to try a new strategy. scare tactics won't work because we're ALREADY scared. and "he's wrong! he's wrong!" won't work b/c americans don't agree. and "tax cuts! tax cuts!" won't work b/c he's already promsed them for most americans.

gotta do it like the oscar telecast, which had its lowest ratings ever last year. completely reinvent yourself, republicans. try something out-there, because your old branding and messaging aren't playing anymore. or hey, better yet, put aside your partisan bullshit and PITCH IN.

Robin Aronson said...

You said it! It's time to Pitch In-- at least with a new idea! And can I just say? Every time they showed Mike McConnell or some other sniggly Republican David was all: "Good! Let THAT GUY be the face of the Republican Party!"

Robin Aronson said...

I mean Mitch McConnell.