Sunday, February 1, 2009

Skating on Sunday

Once again, we took our kids skating today. This time, we went to a new rink, one that's uptown, right on the Hudson river. It was great. I loved going someplace new. There was a terrific view of the "great grey bridge" (the GW) and the "little red lighthouse." And, according to my daughter, the ice was "smoother." (She was right about that.) My son said he wanted to go back "lots of times for a long time." But there was one thing that wasn't great for me -- everyone else skating there. That is, there were a lot of nice people on the ice, but then there were a lot of really, really good skaters who were young and reckless, and a lot of really, really bad skaters who were just wrecked. Both are terrifying if you're skating with four-year-olds. Since, in general, both my kids prefer to skate with my husband who's surer on his skates and faster than I am, they skated holding hands three across. Me, I followed behind them, worrying. Imaging all those falls, it was exhausting. Fortunately, all the worrying and we were safe. Next time, maybe I'll forget about the ambulance that raced into the park just as we were leaving and worry a little less. After all, some guy could've tripped on the ice outside of the rink. I do that all the time.


Carolyn said...

Robin -that is so cool!! Iceskating is super popular here and I'm a fairly competent skater, but we had a some trouble getting L&N out on the ice (especially bc David doesn't skate at all!). When did you start your kiddos with it and do you have any tips for me? The kids wore these things that strap to their own shoes - with double blades, but it was still a bit of a mess. We also rented these big polar bear thingees (same size as the kids) with handles on the side of polar bear head that they could hang onto and a rope at the front so I could pull them - this worked slightly better...I completely agree about the other people. Here they have specific times set aside for only kids during the weekdays...but still we might have to stick to sledding this year (also a 'serious' business around these parts). Finally - I completely agree re the tennis. Federer is from Basel and a big favourite.

Robin Aronson said...

Hi there-
We actually started skating last winter when we passed a rink in Central Park and Elliot saw hockey -- Masks! Sticks! Irresistible! They were three. David can skate, me, i'm just OK and last year had to take a private lesson to feel at all confident. We gave the kids a privaate lesson last year, too and then just hauled them out. This year, we've taken them to some group lessons and go one day most weekends. I WISH we could sled, but there's hardly any snow anymore. Anyway, lessons help A LOT, especially if you're one-on-two..Also, I know this is obvious, but if the kids are really motivated, that helps. I know some kids who just don't like it much.... I'm green with envy that there are kid-only skating times...As i was worrying yesterday I was wondering why they don't have that -- they have them for pools!

The one thing about Federer's crying....since he cries when he wins, too, it seems kind of charming....and human.....