Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Put the Knitting Needles Down

Last night I set out to start a new section of this thing I'm knitting. Since it's a surprise for someone who could possibly be reading, I'm not going to say what it is, but I will say it's cute. Now, I've read the pattern for this thing several times and I even took it to the knit shop because I've found the pattern to be, what's the word, incomprehensible. But Dona at the knit shop assured me that once I had the project in hand I'd be fine.

Dona was wrong.

I wrestled, I wrangled, I couldn't get it right. Finally, David (my husband who doesn't want me to knit anything for him) said, "Put those needles down. You're like a golfer on a bad day."

Can I just say? When you do something that's supposed to be if not simple then solvable and it's not, it's really annoying. Tonight, though, I will try again. What's that? Do you here the Da-da-daaaa and see Sylvester Stalone on top of those steps, too? I swear, while watching Top Chef, I will figure it out! (And if I don't, there's always Dona to help....)

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