Friday, February 13, 2009

Bi-Partisanship-Part 2

I'd like to write something a little longer about this Salon piece about Obama and the stimulus mishegos, but I can't, what with what to do and all. But here's what interests me in it: I'm interested in the fact that Obama's team doesn't obsess over the daily news cycle. They don't react to the who's up who's down who's in who's out that characterizes immature social cliques and seems to be the habit of DC. They're interested in getting the job done. And if the job gets done and it works, then the current crop of Republicans will be exposed as self-interested, small-minded ninnies. And here's a thought: With any good luck some thoughtful, debate-interested Republicans will emerge and get themselves to Washington and then debate can happen. It's a pipe dream, I know...but since Republicans aren't going to just go away, how about we get a whole new sort. Right?

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