Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Michelle Rhee-Test Results Scandal

Apparently the DC school that had a dramatic rise in test scores and was Michelle Rhee's prime example of how well her reform methods work? Apparently there may have been some funny stuff going on with the tests at that school. Lots of erasure marks. An unusually high number of erasure marks changing answers from the wrong one to the right ones. Not Good. Diane Ravitch calls Rhee to task here.


marjorie said...

I know, right?

I couldn't resist sending it to a friend who I tangled with on Facebook about Rhee (she loves her, was desolee when she left the DC chancellorship, was convinced she was really making a difference). But jeepers, when you make standardized test scores the be-all and end-all of assessment, and make grandiose claims for yearly improvement, and offer financial incentives to individuals for high test scores and drastic punishments for low test scores...you sure shouldn't be surprised when people cheat!

Robin Aronson said...