Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Night

Two notes from this evening: First, I made Melissa's pound cake from Wednesday's New York Times, the one with the coconut oil. It is maybe the third or fourth pound cake I've made in my life and it maybe is my favorite so far. The cake itself has a very lovely consistency -- moist and dense without being overwhelming in any way. Plus, it was fun to melt the coconut oil. If you're feeling like a little je ne sais quoi in your cake, give it a try.

Second, I read the big David Reminck article about the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz in The New Yorker. It is also very good for many reasons, none of which I can dig into right now because I have a terrible, hacking cough which is very distracting, more distracting when I try to write than when I bake or read, and so I'll go cough and maybe you could go get a start on the article.

Here's to a week of easy breathing.

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