Monday, March 21, 2011

Smells Like 1990

According to a recent college grad with what's got to count as a very good first job at the Council of Foreign Relations, the current crop of recent grads were disappointed when they graduated from college only to find they couldn't get a job.

"The cost of youth unemployment is not only financial, but also emotional. Having a job is supposed to be the reward for hours of SAT prep, evenings spent on homework instead of with friends and countless all-nighters writing papers. The millions of young people who cannot get jobs or who take work that does not require a college education are in danger of losing their faith in the future. They are indefinitely postponing the life they wanted and prepared for; all that matters is finding rent money."

It's emotionally taxing to be unemployed at any stage of life, and getting a nice high score on your SATs can't protect you from life's difficulties. All that SAT prep maybe taught you persistence, work through it. It's not easy to leave college in the face a really bad job market, but recent college grads aren't the only ones who've ever had to do it.

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