Sunday, April 3, 2011


I saw Hop yesterday. The movie. Hop. After seeing the ads and previews, we really didn't want to take the kids to it -- I mean, a bunny that poops jelly beans encourages a certain kind of dinner time conversation we've been working on avoiding. That said, we didn't do our darndest to avoid it. We went with friends, it was a fun kind of playdate. It was a movie! And yet, I was horrified by it. From the opening sequence full with Hershey's kisses and Cadbury eggs to the closing moments when our hero takes off in a flying egg, my head pounded. And, not to be a party pooper (so to speak), but I kept thinking that even with the great commercialization of Easter that has already happened, if I were a believing Christian of any sort, I'd be really intensely angry at the outright Santa-fication of the Easter Bunny. Easter is kind of a serious holiday. There's life, sure, but there's also death and a very meaningful death at that. Which is to say, for many, many reasons -- acting, product placement, plot, commercialization of belief systems -- Hop is horrible. I say: Save your shekels and avoid at all costs and if you really can't avoid the movie, then go with friends because friends, you know, make everything better.

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