Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Avatar: Full left jacket

Apparently, the Right has their panties all up in a bunch over Avatar. I haven't seen the movie my son did get an Avatar toy in a Happy Meal, making me question the depth of the environmental passion driving James Cameron's movie (if he really didn't want those little plastic toys distributed, I bet they wouldn't be), but that's a different post. Reading Andrew Leonard's blog post in Salon (link above) about right wing hand wringing over the movie, and the presumption of leftie-Hollywoodness (I wish the people behind 24 were a little leftier), is just so, so, annoying. When will any of these people grow up? As Leonard writes:

Anti-Americanism sells -- everywhere. Maybe instead of ripping their hair out at the tragedy of the mass enthusiasm for this "'Death Wish' for leftists" -- conservatives should be trying to figure out just how such a thing came to pass.

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