Thursday, July 2, 2009


Since last fall when Jezebel had some layoffs the site has been, to me at least, less interesting. But today, there are several pieces there worth reading. Forgive the round-up, I do think these each give something to chew on, even if I might chew somewhat differently. Then again, don't we all? In any case, here goes:

Here's a piece on confessional journalism and the women who write it. It's a little insider-ish, meaning to really get it all you have to read the articles it links to (which I did not), but it's definitely worth reading and thinking about.

Jezebel has a former (or current, I can't tell) model writing for it and she has a piece on Karen Mulder who was a super model and has been arrested in France for attacking her plastic surgeon. It's fairly awful, the business of beauty and its exploitation, but there it is. Mulder may not be the most reliable narrator of what goes on in that business, but no doubt awful things are done every day to women with little power and men with lots of it.

Madonna's adopting another child from Africa and Vogue had someone write about it (I haven't read that piece yet, either) and Jezebel discusses. Well.

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