Friday, July 31, 2009

Back on

So of course I decided to take the month off and of course I started to feel like I had a million things to blog about. For example, in yesterday's New York Times the lead story was on waning support for health care and reading its discussion of how nervous people are about a new kind of care all I could think about was a conversation I had with my cousin the day before. We were talking about starting a new career -- she became a teacher about five years ago -- and she said "It's awful, starting something new, it's awful." I was also reminded of how when people complain about Congress they complain about everyone except their own representative. "Throw the bums out!" is the hue and cry, "But not my guy!" Same with the's like everyone is saying: "All they want to do is order expensive tests! Except for mine. My doctor is great. Don't make me choose a new one."

It's true, starting something new is awful, but it's way better than dealing with my health insurance company. And it's way better than letting Bill Krystol win.

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