Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coffee: An update

I had an iced cappuccino today. Again. Again I was overtired. Again I was convinced without it I wouldn't get through the day. If today were a running day I could have because even when I'm exhausted my slow drag of a run wakes me up. But Thursdays are not for running, and apparently Wednesday nights were not for sleeping and so the coffee. It's not like I've had no coffee since I quit. I've had about five cups in probably two months. In general I feel much better not drinking it. In general I think it's better for me. Even today, the coffee drink gave me heartburn and I should have stuck with iced black tea and a head under water. But I didn't. It was fine but I'm glad that the occasional coffees keep me from wanting coffee every day. Sometimes, if you give yourself an inch, then all you want is an inch.

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