Monday, July 13, 2009

Blogging Trouble

This summer feels like a big transition for me and in that transition, I'm not sleeping or working regularly and nothing comes easy for me when I'm all in between like this. So I can note that this CIA program to assassinate Al Queda leaders is odd to read about and I assume it's the program that Cheney kept secret from everyone and isn't all that really weird? I can remember listening to some justice's confirmation hearings while driving from New York to Philadelphia but I can't remember which justice because all I remember is that Sen. Joe Biden talked for a really long time. So did the other senators. It's hard to hang with history when the senators talk like that. I can tell you that I had wine with lunch today which I never do and it was really nice. But none of it will make up a post because I'm all in-between and nothing is really coming together right now. So it goes.

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