Sunday, July 12, 2009

Corn Bread Pudding

This weekend we went to visit friends in the country -- in the Hudson valley to be exact -- for the first time this summer. After a camp fire, many swims, a short hike and a last minute birthday party, I'm completely exhausted from my time away. But I would like to share one specific experience from the trip: that of eating corn bread pudding for lunch at a place called Local 111. With the pudding there were local eggs and very fine local bacon, but the pudding itself was...what's the word...transcendent. Fresh and light but still rich and chewy, sweet but not too, with a little cheddar....the whole thing was simple and glorious and fine. So fine that I kept taking bites and waiting for the flavor to get less good so I could stop eating . This is what Melissa and I posit in The Skinny, that when you eat something really, really good and decadent -- particularly when it's sweet -- it gets less good after the first few bites, you just don't notice it getting less good because the first bit of good was so good that you chase the dream of original goodness. Well, I'm here to say that this corn bread pudding offered if not it's initial brilliance than a deep well of satisfaction from start to finish. And finish I did. I wanted every bite. And quite frankly, I wouldn't mind some more.

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