Friday, June 26, 2009

The Weekend and Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm going to Providence to celebrate my parents' birthdays this weekend, but before I go I wanted to post a little something about chocolate chip cookies (not Michael Jackson). As you may remember, I have rather strong feelings about chocolate chip cookies. I have my ideas for making them but I'm willing to try new things and tinker happily. Well, for almost a year now I've been putting the batter in the fridge for a day before I bake it up. This has the desired result of making a soft center and crips outside -- most of the time. But the problem is when the batter has gotten very cold, you ahve to get the timing just right. And I mean perfectly, exactly, no questions asked right. A minute too long and they're overdone, a minute under and they're too gooey. It's a little crazy making. My go-to recipe calls for refrigerating for just a half hour, and when I've followed that instruction (or left them in for an hour or so), it's much easier to guage doneness. Sometimes it's easier to make the batter one day and bake it the next, so I'll still do it from time to time, but it's no longer my method. Officially. In case you were wondering.

(By the way, yesterday I had a Melissa-inspired lunch of garlic ramps and snap peas sauteed in a llittle oil and salt with a poached egg on top. Actually it was my second lunch but hugely satisfying.)

Have a great weekend!


mamele said...

mmmmm that lunch sounds divine.

i recently had an amazing dinner at Diner in williamsburg. i don't go out much (i imagine you don't either) and it was just one of those perfect nights with old friends. almost everything on the menu had ramps in it. and we had a chilled fizzy red lambrusco -- i did not know lambrusco CAME in red!

did you see Top Chef Masters where the chefs made choc chip cookies while waiting for judging? loved that. i have a really hard time getting the texture just right -- hadn't considered using the fridge! so much pressure...luckily the kids aren't too critical as long as they're not cajun-blackened.

Robin Aronson said...

The fridge trick for the cookies is seriously seriously helpful. It bumps up the cookies to a whole new level. Nobody this weekend seemed to mind that some of my cookies were underdone, but I kept apologizing for them and David kept calling them "sliders" --which they kind of were.

That dinner at Diner sounds perfect--You had ramps, right? And the chilled fizzy red lambrusco! Yum!