Monday, June 8, 2009

If It Makes You Happy

For whatever reason, this post by Pico Iyer in the Times Happy Days blog about how to be happy made me unhappy all day. Let me just say, I object to the whole Happy Days blog thing. I don't think you can get at the search for contentment in a blog post. The form isn't right. It's too short and whatever someone writes ends up sounding preachy and annoying. Even in book form the story of finding happiness and figuring out what's meaningful can be pretty annoying. But that's fine, whatever, I should accept that that's what I'd get from a blog called Happy Days that wasn't a Henry Winkler fan site. I just wish I could've remembered that before I read Iyer's post and cultivated my little nub of annoyance for the day. The worst of it is according to Iyer it's my ability to read just such a post with my high speed internet access that could be getting in the way of my ability to be happy and read long books and write long letters to friends I haven't seen in too long. Even writing about it now is getting in the way of things I'd like to be doing, things like sleeping. So it goes. I guess Iyer has a point, which means it's time to call it a day and get happy.

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