Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama: Too good to be true?

I found this article about Obama's "Politics of Personal Perfection" on Politico interesting but full of really weird points.

I found it weird that Tucker Carlson Republican pundit is quoted as saying: “My instinct is that people are like dogs,” he said. “They want a leader they think is better than them.” This is the opposite of why we were told W. was elected twice and why people loved Bill Clinton. The latter could feel our pain and the former, well, he could be a guy you have a beer with.

I found it weird that in an era of gleeful excoriation of any deviation from the marriage script people are amazed and maybe a little disappointed that it's almost unimaginable that Barack Obama would stray from Michelle.

And I found this bit strange:

"Being too perfect can be dangerous for politicians. Just ask Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential candidate is a spectacularly good-looking man, extremely wealthy, well-spoken and accomplished in his professional career. And a segment of the voting public hated him for it."

Well, um, there are many things I could say about Mitt Romney. Many, many things. But I'd like to point out one difference between candidate Romney and candidate Obama. Romney was a white candidate and Obama was an African American candidate and I think in the election we just lived through that mattered.

All this said, I agree with Eamon James who wrote the story that yes, in fact it's a good thing Obama smokes just a little. It reminds us all that there's no one out there who can't do a little better -- except maybe Michelle Obama.

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