Thursday, January 8, 2009

Responsible Water

Have you seen those Brita ads? "Two hours in a meeting' -- focus on empty water bottle -- "a lifetime in a landfill". I find them very affecting, or effective -- in other words, they really work on me. I thought of them the other day when I saw a huge recycling bag in front of our building filled with seltzer bottles. I mean, the thing was stuffed. It was like the remnants everyone's holiday hangover cure were being laid to rest in that see through bag of please-let-them-be-recycled bottles (because not everything is being recycled these days). So, I have a few suggestions. Of course there are the reusable water bottles for every day drinks. And for seltzer, my friend Karen showed me the wonder of Soda Stream. With it, you, too, can have excellent homemade seltzer (or soda) and no extra bottles. Here's to the bubbles!


roni said...

Happy new year, Robin!

Out here in San Francisco, bottled water is the new taboo. In fact, many restaurants now offer complimentary sparkling water. Others will just bring you a carafe of tap water.

At home, we have an Isi soda siphon. As much as I love it, I've been hunting for a vintage seltzer bottle. Guess I've been watching too much film noir!

Robin Aronson said...

That's like the seltzer bottle my brother-and-sister-in-law have. My husband was expecting us to get one like that when I came upon the soda any case, Melissa gets her seltzer delivered in those old fashioned bottles by a cranky seltzer guy. It's very cool, but you need to have a seltzer guy around. I bet it's a great business opportunity in SF!

Robin Aronson said...

And happy new year!