Friday, January 23, 2009

Off to Philadelphia

These last two days have seen me try to wedge too much into too few hours. I know, what else is new, but it means that I haven't seen much news and I haven't done much thinking about what I haven't seen in the news -- other than the news that Benjamin Button got all those Oscar nominations and I'd kind of like to see it but who has time for a three hour movie? In any case, we tried to go to Philadelphia last Friday and couldn't because my son got Strep. We're going to try again today. Fortunately, it's much warmer today. Fortunately, so far no one has a fever. Wish us luck!


Carolyn said...

good luck Robin! glad everyone is well again; i'm jealous you are on your way to philly. we tried to go over the december holidays but got snowed in, in northern NJ ;( unfortunately it was the only possible day we had...better luck in 2010 perhaps! i also want to see that movie but haven't been to a cinema in ages. hopefully soon..

mamele said...

good luck.

feh on button. i think the only contenders i've seen are the dark knight, milk, happy go lucky and wall-e. loved 'em all. the only ones i'd still like to see are waltz with bashir, man on wire, and the richard jenkins (our homeboy!!!!!) movie. i know i can't handle slumdog millionaire -- tortured children. gah. am wimp.

wall-e shoulda been nominated for best picture.

Robin Aronson said...

I loved Milk! and i'm desperate to see Wall0E...but Milk was the only movie (besides Rachel Getting Married, i mean anne tries to get an oscar) tht I've seen in 6 months. But I'm glad to know I don't need a date for Button -- Waltz with Bashir -- that I'd like to see, but I think i need a week for it, and I'm so sorry to have missed the class.

And carolyn, Philadelphia was just lovely. maybe next year!