Friday, January 2, 2009

A Blog I Like

I like the blog Light Reading and the reason I like it is the same reason I like certain cookbooks: It gives me ideas about whom I might be should I be someone with lots of ideas about what to read (or cook) and what's good and what isn't. And even though my time is so limited now that ideas for what to read are about as helpful to me right now as ideas about what to listen to on audiobooks -- I mean, I'm not really going to be able to read or listen to nearly as much as I'd like to any time soon -- I still like to have them. I keep looking up the books that Sue Dickman recommended listening to and I have a little book of lists and I trust that some time or another I'll have more time and energy. Right now, I'll keep my lists, like little promises for new years to come. As long as there's no awful terrorist attack or anything. I just had to throw that in; I don't want to take anything for granted these days.

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