Friday, August 1, 2008

Vacation, or walking and not talking

We leave for vacation tomorrow, and I won't even have access to email, never mind blogspot for blogging. Honestly, I'm a little nervous about the no email, no cell phone situation. Lately I've been noticing that whenever I walk down the street by myself, I reach for my phone. Since it's the summer and everyone's away, I rarely have anyone to call. Frankly, even in the winter I often don't have a reason to call anyone and everyone's busy anyway. Either way, I feel a little lost walking without chatting down the street. I don't get it. Up until a year ago, I never even carried my cell phone with me. Now I need to be on it all the time? So what I'm hoping is this vacation will give me the chance to do a little work on my thing, play around in the water and sand with my kids, read at least one book, and wean me of my cell phone habit. Then, when I get home and I'm use to walking and not talking again, I'll get a watch, or get my nice watch that my parents got me for my birthday last year, or two years ago, fixed. And then I really won't need my cell phone. I hope everyone has a fabulous two weeks! Hope to see you when I'm back!

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