Monday, August 18, 2008

Back To It

The vacation that just ended was the longest vacation I'd been on in years. That it was two weeks is a little sad, that it made us want to take longer trips is a happy result. Now, I'm getting kind of anxious to get back to work, which is making it hard to blog. But I'll say this, getting back to everything was surprisingly easy this morning. My daughter sang a song about how much she loved our babysitter, which made me really happy because I love her, too and that she and my son were excited to see her made me feel AOK about going to work. Plus, Elliot, who sometimes cries and clings when I leave, was simply glad to tell our sitter all about going in a canoe and riding a two-wheeler (with training wheels). Then, on my way to the library, I got, like, three out of my four errands done and everyone was really nice and the teller even knew me at the bank. This made me fall in love with my neighborhood in a way I think I've been resisting. And, it's not too hot. There's one final thing about getting back to it: While I was away, I started to feel like it was extra important for me to make a bigger commitment to exercise in this coming year. Right now, my gym membership is on hold, and it'll stay on hold in September because September will be crazy, but after reading about Estelle Parsons' workout routine, and feeling slightly less energetic with my kids, I feel like I can't coast anymore. I mean, I'm just not as young as I used to be. Besides, when I went to Providence to speak about The Skinny, I tried on all my nice clothes that I got around the time The Skinny came out, and you know what? I'm a little less skinny. I'm fine with that but it gives me even more reasons to get fitter. You know, bigger and firmer is beautiful. Bigger and jigglier? Not so much.

And now, the day!

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