Thursday, December 3, 2009

Top Chef

I'm sorry, the contestant who was sent home last night was robbed. Robbed! The producers only kept on Michael V. because of the sibling rivalry (and because Tom liked his turnip situation). I'm not pleased.


marjorie said...

do you read tom colicchio's bravo blog? it helps clarify why that contestant went home. it's always a good read, too.

ok, my fave moments: kevin being READY with his "toothsome" explanation! because he wanted the contrast of ropy firm meat with unctuous luscious polenta, lest there be a pile of mush! i love the way that guy talks. he's charming, he explains himself well, his food is clearly delicious -- I LOVE HIM. and his elf beard.

and poor golem voltaggio saying of course he and his bro would both be sad if the other were eliminated, and then douche voltaggio saying "i'd be thrilled if bryan were eliminated."

TROLL Y2K said...

I saw Collichio's explanation too but I take it with a HUGE Grain of Salt. An Iceberg sized grain.

Pears, turnips and foie do NOT work as flavor combinations regardless of how pretty the presentation is.

Robin Aronson said...

Clearly I have to read Tom Colicchio's blog....And can I jsut say? I want to Go to Atlanta ONLY to have dinner at Kevin's restuarant. And do you know how bad the TRAFFIC is in Atlanta? He's so fantastic.
I buy that turnip and foie gras and whatever else was in the douche voltaggioo's dish goes together.....i was just amazed that he hadn't gotten the seasonal sustainable message. that his food is all about gimmicks is kind call on Carla, where's the LOVE?

Nikki said...

Come on, she did ok last week but totally lost herself in a bunch of challenges. I was rooting for her too at the beginning but she tanked. Kevin all the way.

Robin Aronson said...

Sure, she lost it (although I missed a few of those episodes for reasons I can't remember) and even if she were still in I'd still be rooting for Kevin, but STILL, she was robbed. Note: I've yet to read Collichio's blog.

Btw, Nikki, your quilts are FANTASTIC!