Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Side by Side

I'm kind of fascinated by the side by side shots of "plus" sized model Crystal Renn and skinny model Jacquelyn Jablonski featured in the most recent issue of V magazine, which I hadn't heard of before I read about it on Marjorie Ingall's web site today. (For a full discussion, go here.) My unexamined and somewhat lame reaction, ran along these lines:
(in response to skinny model) "Oh look at that model's legs! I'm so tired of seeing legs that look like they're too skinny to walk on!"
(in response to "plus" size model) "Oh! Look at HER legs. She looks like she can walk AND run on those. She looks like someone pretending to be a model! She's so pretty. Is that really Crystal Renn because I keep being surprised that someone named "crystal" isn't blond. Is that bad?"
"Oh, that skinny model--what does her face look like?"
"Oh, Crystal sure is pretty. Too bad she's in that stupid skirt."

Which is to say that I am sick and tired of those spindly limbs on very young models that are the industry standard. And yet, I was surprised when I saw the pictures of Crystal Renn and didn't think she could be a "real" model. Because at a US size 12, Crystal Renn looks different from most models I'm used to seeing even if I don't like what I most often see. But she sure is pretty so why not let's see more!


Anonymous said...

Robin, I wish my plus sized body looked like Crystal's. Size 12 is considered "plus"? Shame, shame! Thanks for the blog.

Robin Aronson said...

Hence my quotation marks around "plus"! really, though, i believe (as we talked about in The Skinny) happiness in one's body can't be dependent on a dress size or an external image. it doesn't hurt, of course, to feel like you rock out an outfit, but we can do that at any size (as Crystal shows over and over -- Jezebel has pictures of her at a Canadian Elle shot: HOT!) it's corny, i know, but "happy skinny" is about the happy person inside a body not the skinny one.