Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top Chef-The End

There was a lot I loved about Top Chef last night. I loved Kevin's mom and the way he dropped his head onto her arm at the end when he was so sad about not winning. I loved that Kevin said "Any of us could win, it's just who will win today." I loved that Michael showed some emotion, some insecurities, some humor and some brotherly love. I loved that all the judges got weepy at the end. If I had been pregnant at that judges table, I would have been balling my eyes out.

Here's what I didn't like: Padma's bangs. Padma's clothes (who's styling her?). And, as Skillet Doux notes, I didn't love that Jennifer had to carry the knives to the contestants. As a final note, I love my husband very much. I'm very very happy to be married to him. That said, I miss the British judge they had for Top Chef Masters and I want to marry him and I want Kevin to cater.

Later Note: But I was sad that Kevin didn't win.

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