Friday, December 11, 2009

This is Where We Are

So last night the kids were playing Playmobil zoo and David and I were sitting at the table and I say, "Oh, did you hear the President's speech?" And David said, "What speech?" And I said, "The President got the Nobel Prize today."

The actual getting of the prize is usually a let down after the big hoopla of the announcements, but this year, considering all the hand-wringing over whether or not Mr. Obama should accept the prize and what it meant that he got it, it all seemed like an especially big yawn. Then again, I didn't watch any political shows to hear any of the chin music afterward, but who can take it anymore anyway?

What's not a yawn is I baked up some cookie batter last night and finally, after a year of fiddling with the timing of chilled dough, I got it just right. It's the little things sometimes.

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