Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Mommy Hate Thing, Again

When I began reading this post on Jezebel, written in reaction to a piece on Salon about mommy hating (which I have not read) I was ready with a response after the first paragraph. Then I went for a run, came back, and finished the post so as not to work. Having actually read, not skimmed, the whole post, I can say that Sadie makes a good point: "In sum, no one reasonable hates parents. What people don't like is inconsiderate self-absorbed parents who expect the world to be reordered? Of course, what's hard is that defensive, self-righteous and oblivious parents are more than matched by total assholes on the other side of the aisle, who shout their kid-hate from the rooftops."

Since just yesterday I myself was complaining about parents like the ones Sadie describes, I couldn't very well marshal my anecdotal evidence of how this culture hates children in response. I'm sure someone else will, though, if you throw a pebble into the blog-world.

PS. A day later I would like to apologize for all the typos in this post. I don't know what happened to me!

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marjorie said...

the original salon post was written by a good friend, but in this case, i do agree with jezebel's take: i don't feel there's huge anti-mommy sentiment out there, just anti-ENTITLED-mommy sentiment. that said, there are entitled daddies, too, and i don't think they get the same venom as the entitled mommies. (which is probably a reflection of the fact that more mommies are seen mommying, because they still do the bulk of the active parenting. same as it ever was.)