Thursday, November 5, 2009

If Not Her, Who?

I have yet to see By the People, the HBO documentary about the campaign, but thanks to Marjorie Ingall, I saw this clip from it yesterday on Jezebel. My favorite moment in the clip is the look on Michelle Obama's face after she says, "and now we're running for President." It's so perfect, rueful, amused, a little amazed -- life brings you places, right?

After watching the clip a couple of times, I still want to ask this: Was their kitchen in Chicago always that neat or did they just clean up for the film makers? Does Michelle have a junk mail pile? A bill pile? I bet Michelle Obama does not pile, I bet she files, without thinking twice about it. When she feels like she doesn't want to file anymore, she just sighs and finishes the filing, because it has to get done and before she moved to the White House, if she didn't do it, who would?


hah2117 said...

i love michelle, but fyi:
she had a full time house keeper and a very involved mother to help with the kids and the kitchen before the white house staff. and barak did all the grocery shopping when he was in town.

Robin Aronson said...

OK, so she didn't clean up the kitchen. I feel a little better.

Full time housekeeper- - that's SERIOUS.