Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bra-Jen-Lina: RIP

So I know I said I was done with celebrities and what they're wearing, but after seeing the new Vogue cover with Jennifer Anniston wearing a strange little smirk and another tan, I have to ask, when will it end?  There's a quote: "What Angelina did was uncool."  OK.  What about what Brad did? And you? Did you do nothing?  Full disclosure: I did not read the article. I do not plan to read the article. I thought about it, but then I passed three newsstands plastered with Aniston on the covers of magazines decrying the Brangelina union and promising to answer the question, "Why she still won't blame Brad?"  

I mean, I know the Hollywood ending would be fore Anniston, the sort of pretty nice, funny girl to end up with the total hot-o-matic guy instead of the sultry, dark, tatooed and makes-out-with-her-brother Angelina.  But he didn't. And now they have six kids.  Would America really prefer a Brad and Jen reunion over keeping the family together?  I know, Sarah Palin does and should answer that, but still, it's been four years, it's done. Over. Kaput.  And now, please, could someone please run a tanning intervention on Ms. Anniston?  Because the tanning thing, it's got to stop.

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