Sunday, November 23, 2008

All About Blogging

People have a lot to say about blogging, the state of blogging, how people blog, why people blog. I find the discussions interesting, sort of. Andrew Sullivan's Atlantic piece on the subject was really interesting because it was about the state of media and writing as much as blogging. I'm asked all the time why I blog now that I don't blog for The Skinny anymore and I always say, "Because Melissa told me to." Which is true, but not the whole truth. I don't know the whole truth of why I blog, but I like it, and I wish people would stop writing about why other people blog so I could spend more time blogging, or reading other blogs, or knitting, or thinking about running, or cooking or something. Sometimes it all gets a little too self-referential and that makes me want to stop blogging, or something, just to be contrary. But I like it, so I won't do that. At least not this week. See, this post is maybe too cute by half, but I'm keeping it up, because that's what the blogging is all about.


Anonymous said...

Well, don't stop. Your blog is one of the few (ever since The Skinny) that I regularly follow these days.

Speaking of blogging, have you seen this:


Robin Aronson said...

Thanks, Lizi! I won't stop blogging.....I just like it -- and I'd miss you and my whole blog world!