Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where I ask the burning question

If I'm someone who gets the Epicurious Recipe Flash, why would I want to read about Moby's vegan kitchen?

I bet Moby is a really, really nice guy. In fact, I used to share an office with the woman who booked his tours (and Elvis Costello's, too. Once I answered the phone and there was Mr. Costello, polite as can be, saying, "Hello, This is Elvis Costello. May I talk to Marcia?" I worshiped Marcia.) and she, his agent, said he is a really nice guy. But I don't want to hear about his kitchen. I know. He has a cookbook, a restaurant, he's a foodie and he wants us to know that foodies can be vegans.

But, come on now, if I'm a vegan, the recipe newsflash from Epicurious is pretty much besides the point. And if I'm an omnivore, as I mostly am, then seeing Moby's kitchen isn't going to do that much for me. Except maybe make me dream of a day when I might live in a clean, well-lit space with kitchen lined with nicely ordered containers that are filled with organic whole grains and a perfectly organized fridges stocked with beet juice and tempeh.

One thing, though. I'd much rather have Moby as the vegans' outreach person to foodies than those Skinny Bitches. You know who I mean. Here's one example of how I feel about them.


Anonymous said...

I guess Epicurious didn't realize they were supposed to personalize the Recipe Flash just for you.

Why shouldn't Moby be featured? Did you notice that it says Moby believes diet choices are personal decisions? The best decisions are made by the most informed people. All Epicurious is doing is putting more information out there.

Robin Aronson said...

Full disclosure: I didn't read the Moby feature. Truthfully, there aren't so many actors or musicians about whose kitchens I'd want to read. I was just surprised that it was there -- the crossover audience between Gourmet and TeaNY doesn't seem so big to me. Sure diet choices are personal, they're also political -- on both fronts of course people should be well-informed. Which is to say it's a good thing I'm not the editor of Epicurious or it' newsletter!