Monday, March 17, 2008


I first read about Idolspizing on a blog I sometimes visit called not-quite-sure. That blogger, Becca, then idolspized Ayelet Waldman. (I will not go into Ms. Waldman here, I am too easily provoked by her. It's her schtick. Be provocative and then be surprised when people call you on it. She wrote about this surprise in Real Simple -- I don't have the heart to see if the article is online.) This aside kind of gets at why I don't idolspize Ayelet Waldman. To idolspize, you have to be happy for the idols even as "we endure their ever-accumulating triumphs." (The quote is from the Ann Hornaday article I linked to in the first sentence.)

Who do I idolspize? I thought I might idolspize Cathleen Schine, no, I kind of idolspize Cathleen Schine's novels, which I think is different from idolspizing a person.

I was so jealous of Jennifer Garner when I saw her in Cyrano de Bergerac in December that I fell asleep during the balcony scene. Granted, I was tired, I am tired, but still. Sleeping through the baclony scene? That's just pathetic. I should add that I saw her a few weeks before that performance in a Williams Sonoma in Manhattan, and she's really pretty. She has all the components of idolspizing, but I don't know if I could work up an schaudenfraude against her. She's too, I don't know, pretty. And her kid's so cute. I really hope she and Ben stay together.

Speaking of Ben, I guess it's Sarah Silverman I idolspize. I used to be totally over her, having seen her Jesus is Magic movie and read her profile in The New Yorker and just being like, OK, I get it. But then I saw her video with Matt Damon (do I even have to link to it? Sure!) and I can't help it. Now she's the girl I idolspize jut a little. And maybe Rebecca Mead, who just might live in a brownstone in Brooklyn and be a New Yorker writer. I hear she's really nice, but I think I must idolspize her since I just saw that picture on her web site and I felt a ping of schaudenfraude over her hair. In my mind's eye it was always short and kicky. If she cuts it that way, then I'll idolspize her like crazy.

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