Monday, March 17, 2008

Lessons from the Weekend

I learned a few things this weekend. For example, I learned not to make muffins from a recipe that has no fat in it (no oil, no butter, not even Crisco) save buttermilk. Blech. I learned, again, that it's easier to roll out cookie dough between two sheets of plastic wrap. (I made peanut butter sandwich cookies. Definitely not blech.) I learned the while some wives think prostitution is demeaning, high priced hookers don't think so.

I've been trying to figure out if I have something to say about how women feel about prostitution other than, maybe, "duh." If you're married to a man who says he loves you and then wants not just to go get some more, but buy some more, then it make sense that you think the guy has an issue or two with respect. If you're the seller, though, you might just think you're each getting something out of the deal, and you each know the terms, so who's hurt by that? For one person the transaction is relational and for the other the relationship is transactional. It all depends on where you sit, or sleep, as it were. Make it legal, then the sellers (women and men) have more power. Sellers who don't get thousands of dollar a roll have more services available, too.

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