Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Not to Buy

I don't mean to be all judgmental or anything, but I'm not sure why someone would buy pre-printed notes to put in his or her child's lunchbox. Isn't the whole handwritten connection kind of the whole point of the lunchbox letter?


marjorie said...

saw those and totally thought the same thing. what, you can't write I HEART YOU on a freakin' napkin??

Carolyn said...

so do you write them regularly? this never even occurred to me!

Robin Aronson said...

I write them! I never thought I would, but Helen came home from school one day last year and told me (1) I didn't pack her enough different things in her lunchbox; and (2) other kids got notes. Now, she gets notes. Today she told me she sometimes can't read them, but I think she still likes them. I write them for Elliot, too. he does not comment. (I told the kids in the class where I student teach that I'm working on my handwriting. I guess I have to work some more.)