Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On Media Empires and the Media

The hacking scandal that is at least reshaping Rupert Murdoch's empire is a major topic of interest by us. In yesterday's Guardian, Gordon Monbiot writes:

"So the rightwing papers run endless exposures of benefit cheats, yet say scarcely a word about the corporate tax cheats. They savage the trade unions and excoriate the BBC. They lambast the regulations that restrain corporate power. They school us in the extrinsic values – the worship of power, money, image and fame – which advertisers love but which make this a shallower, more selfish country. Most of them deceive their readers about the causes of climate change. These are not the obsessions of working people. They are the obsessions thrust upon them by the multimillionaires who own these papers."

The whole column, with many quotable lines, is here.

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