Sunday, May 22, 2011

What's With Punishing Parents?

I want parents involved with schools. But, call me crazy, I don't think state legislators should be writing laws mandating it.

As usual these days, Diane Ravitch is the voice of reason:

Yes, parenting can be “taught” Ms. Ravitch said, but not this way.

“If we could just find the right person to punish,” she said of the philosophy behind too many education reform plans. “Punish the teachers. Punish the parents. It’s Dickensian. What we should be doing instead is giving a helping hand.”

“Parenting education needs to begin when a woman is pregnant,” Dr. Ravitch said. “The window is open from prenatal days until age 5. And we need to acknowledge that the root problem is poverty.” (my emphasis)

But there is one thing I want to know: Why, when it comes to "failing schools" everyone can find someone to punish, but when it comes to failed banks that brought the economy to its knees no one's to blame?

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