Thursday, May 26, 2011


Taking a break from education and testing, here's what I'm wondering right now, at 10:46: Am I the only one who always wants to eat lunch at 11 AM? And what about having a big snack at five and another at eight? I know, I know, this is not new, it's the whole five small meals a day thing, but, still, is it reasonable to expect someone to have a bowl of cereal with berries at seven in the morning and not eat for five whole hours? Inquiring minds want to know! (Hungry minds want to make this pork butt and cellophane noodle dish. I bought my first butt today at the farm market.)


Carolyn said...

so are you back on meat then?

you sound very swiss with your meal times. breakfast at 7, "z'nuni" at 9, lunch at 11:30 (which is usually a hot, large meal followed by coffee/sweet), and "z'vieri" at 4..though it usually ends up being more like 3:30 bc of work hours.

but actually for me it is a little bit excessive ;) i hardly have time for lunch let alone 2 working time snacks!!

Robin Aronson said...

So I guess I'd say I'm still eating meat -- though I bought the particular hunk I referred to here at the farmer's market, so I feel like if I'm going to eat meat I better get it from a farmer. For this reason, I hardly ever eat meat in a restaurant or for take out.....

I can't believe how Swiss my preferred eating times are! Except for dinner....I'm with you -- "z'vieri" at 4 or 3:30 is too early! Plus if you have a meal then, when would you have a nice piece of everyday cake?

Carolyn said...

i agree re the meat. we are lucky to be close to many farms, but the price is another story altogether. i supposed tho that if we pay the real value of what we are eating (when it is not on industrialized scale) it makes sense. we are trying to make meal a special family event and since i don't ever get meat cravings this is no problem.

i should clarify re the 9 and 4 pm - they are exactly that - snacks!! and taking them is religious (which makes you wonder why i'm not downstairs right now!)