Saturday, October 9, 2010

Parenting Advice

Generally speaking, I don't like to give parenting advice. I don't feel it's my place. But today I have a tip about which I feel great confidence. If your child loses a tooth, don't forget to invite the tooth fairy to visit that very night, even if you lose the tooth before it goes under the pillow. No matter what, the tooth comes out, and the tooth fairy should come.


marjorie said...

ahaha, that is SUPERB advice. says the mom who, a couple of mornings ago, went in to wake the girls for school and realized UHOH FORGOT THE TOOTH!! ran to get my wallet, grabbed a fiver, ran back to kids room while recently de-toothed kid was just sitting up,leaned over to kiss her while slipping hand under pillow to deposit the five and nab the tooth, then high-tailing it out of the room again to dispose of hte evidence. woulda been a LOT less stressful to do this while kid was unconscious!

Robin Aronson said...

Oh, that is good. That is *very* good. And a fiver! Lucky kid.