Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite-Take Three

OK, you might think I'm biased when I go on and on about how great In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite is, but you'd be wrong. I may be friends with the book's author, but that doesn't mean I don't know what makes a good recipe. And I'm not the only one. Check this out. And, I just showed the book to our fantastic sitter, and her response was this: "I just read some recipes and you think they're going to be really hard, but they're not!"



Sue Dickman said...

I just got this. I haven't made anything from it yet (though I've made numerous recipes from the column over the years), but I've been reading through it and have my eye on multiple things. I'm always delighted to have a cookbook that looks like it will become a regular even before I've made anything from it!

Carolyn said...

Robin! I really enjoyed Melissa's cook book re chef recipes for regular people (David just made the gougeres for his classmates last week...and we were definitely excited for this one. We tried the spaetzle, and the baked pumpkin recipe (yes we love super cheese cheese recipes, but we are living in that kind of country!). also the eggs/pesto were a huge hit with all 3 kids and although we were very not close to the recipe with chicken fingers, we used our own seasonings but same concept for baking. phew. anyway. so far so great. excited to try more...but have to save cooking for the weekends ;(

Robin Aronson said...

There are so many recipes in this book I make all the time (lentil soup, unconventional eggplant, Irish soda bread, tofu with shitake & chorizo, brownies, GRANOLA)--it's almost embarrassing. I hope you both keep enjoying it!!