Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Last year, I never watched Glee. I'd catch a few minutes and think, 'Meh, really not my thing.' But then, a few weeks ago, there was the Madonna episode, which made me so happy. The week after, there was Kristen Chenoweth being all blonde and singing her heart out. Last week, well....let's just say I, along with millions of others, am now a serious sucker for the show and I'm seriously looking forward to catching up on season one when this season comes to end.


marjorie said...

i think it's SO uneven. sue is always hilarious, but i wish i had more emotional investment in more of the characters. (and ugghhh i LOATHE mr schuester and his white boy rapping -- WHY do they have him do that?? i loved matthew morrison in hairspray on bwy but god, ew. which also goes for the OCD guidance counselor, her ex, will's ex...basically the only adult characters i think are emotionally authentic and interesting are finn's mom and kurt's dad.) i do love the big production numbers, for the most part. and brittney. and how good was puck in that sammy davis jr number??

oh you know what else i hate? crips and retards (sic) as a plot device for humanizing the NORMAL characters. sue's sister, the cringe-inducing paralyzed athlete...it's SO condescending. they're not full-rounded, flawed people, they're the disabled equivalent of magical negros. and yesh, coulda cast an ACTUAL wheelchair-using actor in the ensemble.

Robin Aronson said...

this is ALL TRUE. the cringe inducing paralyzed athlete, sue's sister, shuester (who's kind of creepy and always looks so CONCERNED) and the guidance counselor...i always hate that kind of character. none of the dialogue is realistic. none of it. this is why i didn't watch it last year. but those big numbers? i'm a total sucker for them. and puck was AWESOME in the sammy davis, jr number. and brittney's line readings are pure genius. all told, it's very good for knitting.