Friday, October 9, 2009

The Prize

Our President won the Nobel Peace Prize? My first thought was, "Gosh what must Hillary Clinton think? Like all this guy has to do is show up?

Of course, I'm a huge Obama supporter (still) and I'm hugely nostalgic for the intensity and sheer competitive joy of the election, not to mention the euphoria of Obama's victory, but, can I just say? Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize is, like, So Last Year.


Ana said...

At first I was thrilled about this--I even did a little dance! Not because Obama deserved the prize in the traditional way, but because I saw it as a huge vote of support and faith from an important international organization. People out in the world saying, "Come on, you Americans. Stop having these lunatic rants and tantrums against your president and help him get something done." I decided I have no objection to the Nobel committee trying to use its clout to make good things happen.

Now I can see that this might even rile up the lunatics more. Even though Obama seems to have been as surprised as the rest of us that he won. I'd imagine that not too many of the people who're going to go wild with rage cared about who any of the previous winners were. So in the end, again, I'm just reminded about how sad our situation is here. Feh.

Robin Aronson said...

Well, I'm still encouraged and cheered, even, by your initial Huzzah. I thought Hertzberg Talk of the Town piece on this was really really good - it also gave some historical perspective. (

The prize is political so it reflects not so well o nthe committee, i think, but the truer fact is it shines a light on our sorry situation with no chance for dialogue among opponents.