Thursday, August 6, 2009

Julia & Julie

Last night I went to see Julia & Julie with my friend Melissa. It was the first time in our very long friendship that we'd gone to the movies together! Very funny. Anyway, the movie was fine. Every time Julia Child/Meryl Streep came on the screen the whole world seemed brighter; the whole project still mostly makes me want to read My Life in France. One thing that was striking about the movie was the husbands -- both Julie Powell's and Julia Child's had very good husbands. As we leaving Melissa turned to me and said, "Didn't Paul Child remind you of David (my husband)?" Stanley Tucci played Paul Child, and there's something of a physical resemblance between him and my husband. But beyond that, the way Paul was, supportive and funny and wry and reasonably realistic and proud, it did remind me of David, and I felt very lucky for that.

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