Friday, August 7, 2009

A Few Seconds of Panic-In Paper

My friend Stefan Fatsis got himself onto a professional football team, into their uniform, and onto their practice field. He tells us all about it in A Few Seconds of Panic. Have you ever seen a real live professional football player? When I was five my dad took me and my brother to see John Hannah of the New England Patriots and I have never forgotten the simple size of that man. I believe he was affable, but I was so securely fastened onto the back of my father's leg that I couldn't tell you much more about it. Anyway, Stefan is not all that much bigger than I am now, and, granted, he made his way onto the field as a kicker, but still, his other book was about competitive Scrabble, which is a long way from wearing tighty-whitey football pants on a professional football field, even a practice one. In any case, Stefan's story and those of the players he meets along the way will keep you interested, even riveted, from start to finish. You don't even have to like football. I swear.

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