Sunday, June 22, 2008

Michelle Obama on The View

I know I should have said something about this last week, but the fact that I didn't tells me something. The "this" in this case is Michelle Obama's appearance on The View. Can I just say? I do not care about how Michelle Obama is fashioning herself into a first lady. Or, more honestly, I care that she has to do it and I wish she didn't. I think we'd be lucky to have someone as tenacious and accomplished as she filling the role of first lady just as she is -- whether she wears an off-the-rack dress or not. I'm just not so interested in watching her turn herself into someone more "first ladylike" -- whatever that might mean. I don't actually know what it means because I didn't read anything about Michelle Obama on The View (OK, I read one blog post, but I really didn't like it), and I've seen just one headline tauting her image revamping. But it's enough. I know what's going to happen. She's going to become wifely. When Hillary Clinton tried to do that early in Bill's first term, I actually wrote her a letter. Swear to God. After reading an article about how HRC, as she was not yet known, invited the editors of women's magazines to the White House to talk about her image, I wrote her a letter saying how sad I thought that was. That I'm even still writing about this because of Michelle Obama a bazillion years later (OK, maybe 14) is just so, what is it?, sad. Or maybe pathetic. But there it is. We in America, we like our wives wifely. Maybe that's why no one liked Bill all that much this go-round. He just wasn't much of a wife. Maybe he should have gone on The View.


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John Tantillo "The Marketing Doctor" said...

You make some good points. bama should really be thinking is Brandover not makeover. A makeover is superficial and represents someone else’s vision being imposed on who you actually are. The problem with a makeover is that it rarely works for the long haul –and if we know anything about this particular presidential contest it’s all about the long haul. Not only that, cracks soon appear in the makeover because there’s a basic conflict between the truth of what’s being presented and what’s actually there. And this is the last thing you want to do, especially in the rough-and-tumble world of politics!