Monday, June 9, 2008

Health Update

I have strep throat. Used to be when I had strep throat I'd stay home from school and watch TV all day long. Today, not so much. But I did have a near perfect lunch: Heirloom tomato salad, nicely dressed, lot of fresh basil, big hunk of brown bread smeared with herb butter. Since I couldn't have matzah ball soup because the restaurant's chef must have thought 90-something was too hot to make it, that salad was exactly what I wanted. While eating, I tried to focus on how much I was enjoying the salad and forget about how much I was paying for it. I did an OK job of that. But, sadly, even though I loved every last bite, I'll probably never order that salad again. It was a little outrageous. Then again, if I have strep, again, and once again can't stay home and watch Merv Grifffin. Now Merv, that show of his was chicken soup for the strep strapped soul.


Anonymous said...

Aahh, that salad sounds awesome. Now I am craving tomatoes, but scared off by that new salmonella thing....

Get well soon!


Robin Aronson said...

Salmonella? In tomatoes? Ugh. I just can't take it. But I do feel much better -- thanks! r.