Friday, August 6, 2010


On Sunday, we're taking off for a two week jaunt that will include a few days at the beach (in RI), a trip to Old Sturbridge Village (which reminds me that I need to look up where it is exactly we're staying there), and a week in a town in the Catskills famous for poor Blackberry reception and very good pancakes (both of which matter to my husband in very different ways). While we're away, our apartment will be painted, which means the amount of putting away and throwing away that has to happen between now and Sunday is -- what's the word? -- staggering. It's not that I left everything to the last minute. I've been shedding for weeks now. It's just that, even in a small apartment, the stuff piles up. It's embarrassing, and vaguely ridiculous (I don't know why it's "vaguely" ridiculous except that I like how that sounds.) Plus, what do I do with the bottom of the very pretty basket I bought in Aswan, Egypt twenty one years ago? And more important, what do I bring to read on vacation? I can't decide how light or heavy to go, and meanwhile, I just noticed a whole new pile on the file cabinet.

Have a wonderful few weeks everyone!


Alfred said...

OMG you're painting! And that line about pancakes and Blackberry reception and your husband-- brilliant. Cracking up. Also your cookies are way better than Bouchon Bakery-- theirs are totally overdone in many ways. Maybe just too much butter, butter butter and buttery fillings, too. They are very needy, people-pleasing cookies that end end up pushing you away.

Alfred said...

oh god, it's not alfred. it's ceridwen. but i'm sure alfred feels the same way about the cookies.

Robin Aronson said...

I'm so pleased about the cookies! I love to gloat about them. And, I have to say, the pancakes we had in the Catskills were Unbelievably good. Unebelievably.