Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Bigger Story: The Bus

OK, I have to admit it: while I blogged yesterday about the parenting article in New York magazine, the story that had me really excited was the one about the bus! Just the other day a friend told me all about these amazing buses that had their own lanes, doors in the back, a payment system that was completed before entry--it sounded like bust heaven. And now it looks like some version of bus heaven is on its way to New York City. Only it'll take a long time to get here, which I guess is OK. For heaven, I can wait.


Carolyn said...

Throw in a magic tram or 2 would be nice. The dedicated lane is awesome-share it with bikers and solve another problem.

Carolyn said...

Whoops; just read the article ;) better keep the bus lane for buses only. What is it like biking in NYC? I have never done it but in the comparatively small village I live in now it is the norm. We are considering Portland for a return but then it seems like turning your back when there's so much great change to be a part of elsewhere.

Robin Aronson said...

Years ago I used to bike in Brooklyn, but I've never been a big biker in Manhattan itself. There's a wonderful new bike lane down the west side and I know plenty of people who use it for their commutes, but getting cross town is tricky. For me, biking in the city is too much, too nervous-making -- in Philadelphia, I'd bike everywhere and for everything, even food shopping. I think people ride bikes in Portland, but it's true, there's great work to be done in a lot of places!