Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In the Bag

I'm slightly obsessed with reusable shopping bags. First because they're reusable, second because with their long handles, I can carry more heavy groceries using them than I could with regular shopping bags. But the big bags, you know, they're big. Since I'm in the city, I don't have a car to throw them into. And so, if shopping is part of the day, it means schlepping around a handbag full of shopping bags. But I've solved that problem with this nice nifty set of five big bags that fold up into one (relatively) compact bag. Even better, I got this set of produce bags--which I can use for produce or bulk, banishing those truly useless little plastic produce bags 4-eva.


marjorie said...

nifty! i went with the envirosax bags -- they're also commodious and fold down into itty-bitty nothings -- have a couple in each purse and in my computer bag. i like that they can be carried by the handle OR slung over your shoulder, and the patterns are cute. but get this: mine arrived in a lightly padded envelope in which some doofus had placed a "free gift" of a glass shower timer. (which is already moronic. a shower timer? part of reduce reuse recycle is NOT MAKING STUPID UNNECESSARY PRODUCTS. there already is a thing called a watch. or a clock radio. or an iphone. WHY would i want an easily tipped, fragile, glass, 5-min hourglass in the bathroom? ANYWAY you can see where this goes. i rip open the envelope and am immediately showered with broken glass. i'm barefoot, and it's all over my dress and around my feet. (and yup, stepped on a shard while while trying to get out the circle o' death. bled all over my sustainable hardwood floor.) who puts glass in an envelope??

AND i emailed envirosax and posted my experience on Amazon and never heard back. so much for customer service. however: still cute bags. dammit.

Robin Aronson said...

Astonishing! Seriously. Who packs glass in an envelope? Clearly the person who needs a shower times. I hate that enviro-friend;y products have just become a new market for which to make more products! But at least you have a sustainable hardwood floor (bamboo?) and cute bags.