Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jackie Warner, Skinny Maven

Lsat night, for reasons that I can't quite explain, I found myself watching Work Out, the Bravo show about celebrity trainer Jackie Warner, her trainers, and their "Skylab" clients. "Skylabbers" are, apparently, a group of, like, eight overweight adults going for the Jackie treatment to lose weight. So, here's the set-up. After Jackie leads a work-out session on the beach, she decided the Skylabbers just aren't where they need to be. She decides what they need is a retreat. Forty-eight hours in Jackie's world will get them on track! And there's all this nutrition drilling from a chef and Jackie. (Btw, in case you missed the NYTimes article, Jackie is, apparently, a hottie in straight-wife world.) The whole point of this paragraph is to get to Jackie's punchline, which she delivered at the end of a nutrition-info session: You don't want to lead a life of deprivation.

So now, having written all that, I don't really get why I've written it. Because we got that, right? But it's what I got on this sunny Wednesday. I've got a cold, I've got a haircut scheduled, and I've got Jackie Warner, camp counselor extraordinaire, telling me I shouldn't lead a life of deprivation. So if you're reading this, can I just say? If you want the cookie, have the cookie!

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